who are the dirty kids?

“Dirty Kids” is a self-given name for homeless kids between the ages of 16 – 32 who are seeking freedom and adventures through travel. Widely used across America, these kids wear their dirt as a badge of honor and take pride in their community name.

Entertaining Angels Project creates healing through communicating value, unity, and love. We believe that ultimately, we all long for the same thing: to be loved, valued, and accepted without judgments; our approach to getting these needs met is different.

Our mission is two-fold:

Our first mission is to communicate value to Dirty Kids; we do this by sitting with them, hugging them, listening to their stories, photographing them, and sharing what we have with them. While Joe and I don’t smoke cigarettes, we carry them to give to Dirty Kids when they ask for one or if they ask for money we will offer them a cigarette, which makes them very happy. When they find out we only carry cigarettes for them, they are overwhelmed with our kindness. We have learned that the Dirty Kids love candy, fruit, nuts and baby wipes, so we frequently carry those items to share with them as well.

Our second mission is to cause a shift in the public’s perspective regarding Dirty Kids through Entertaining Angels Project. We share the Dirty Kids stories, their wisdom, and their portraits to encourage the communities where Dirty Kids temporarily rest their heads to have more compassion, smile at the Kids, say, “Hi”, and perhaps take some time to listen to their stories and learn from their wisdom which comes from this alternative lifestyle.

Joe Photo

Joe Paulicivic is known among his family, friends, colleagues, and clients as a man of integrity and charisma. He is a committed father to both of his daughters, a playmate to children, a gifted photographer, and a trusted friend to everyone he has ever met.

There are no strangers in Joe’s world, only people he hasn’t hugged yet.

Joe has spent the past 24 years photographing weddings around the world. Based in Orange County, CA, Joe has traveled with his clients to Europe, Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, and around the United States.

Joe is known in the wedding industry as “Joe Photo”, which is also the trade marked name of his company. He is well respected among his peers as an accomplished photographer. He has been a platform speaker at WPPI, (the annual wedding photographers convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada) five times and has emceed the Awards Night Banquet three years. In 2010 Joe was awarded the "Humanitarian Of The Year" award for his service in Russia teaching orphan children about photography and creating a contest in which the winners were published in RangeFinder magazine.

Photographing people has always been a passion for Joe. He is able to capture a person’s heart and soul in his portraits. He recently began photographing homeless street kids, also know as “Travelers” or “Dirty Kids”, which has taken his work and his passion in a new direction.

Joe offers compassion, a hug, and a warm smile to this group of ragamuffins who are generally shunned and shamed by passersby. His approach creates an opening for deep conversations and beautiful portraits.

This is his calling. Now is the time. These are his people.

Denise Warren

Denise Warren is a deeply spiritual woman, a nurturer, and a healer. She has a background in nursing, nutrition, holistic healing, and she has over 20 years experience with addiction.

Denise is a retired nurse, certified in Biblical counseling, a Transformational Life Coach, and Ordained Pastor.

Most importantly, Denise is a mother. She has raised 3 sons’ that she is very proud of and is deeply devoted to. However, Denise also has many, many, more children she has loved and nurtured along the way including every Dirty Kid she has met.

Denise says that she likes to collect children wherever she goes; age is never an issue. If you need a mothers touch, whether you are 5 or 75, Denise is more than happy to give you the care you need.

While Denise has been warned several times that she can catch a disease or bugs from Dirty Kids, her response is, “I will heal and it’s easy to get rid of bugs". Loving these kids with a warm hug or holding them while they cry is way more important than any little bug or cold I might get.

Denise is passionate about God and people. She loves without judgment. She embraces everyone from every walk of life. She is a servant of all; willing to roll up her sleeves to do whatever work is needed.

This is her calling and these are her “Dirty Kids”.